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Yoga Stretch and Move’s certified yoga therapists provide individual and group yoga therapy to help our clients feel better and improve their physical functioning.


Let us help you achieve a new level of wellness through yoga.


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Experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

Learn meditation, breathing exercises, and traditional yoga postures to help you achieve a new level of wellness.

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From S.C.

"I have degenerative osteoarthritis and have had four joint replacements.  My classes with Dana have significantly reduced my symptoms - I can open jars again, my balance has greatly improved and I have less pain and more flexibility."                      

From J.N.

The combination of intelligence, empathy, creativity and understanding is powerful in any profession. And, it is exactly that combination that makes Dana extraordinary at what she does. Perhaps most importantly, she is truly in tune with what is needed by the person she is helping. She listens and responds with practical and effective ideas for healing.

From P.K.

Dana is a knowledge and compassionate therapist, who readily shares her wealth of experience.



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Tel: 610-662-3436

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