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Practicing Yoga

What we offer

Therapy session

Individual Yoga Therapy

If you have a particular health condition that can benefit from one-on-one attention, such as arthritis, an autoimmune disease, Parkinson's, high blood pressure, or low back pain, an individual yoga therapy session will help you develop a home practice to achieve your wellness goal. Each session includes a Home Plan of Care - breathing, meditation, and movement practices you chose with your yoga therapist so you can incorporate healing practices of yoga into your daily life.

Session can be 60 minutes ($95), 75 minutes ($120), or 90 minutes ($160). 

Individual Yoga Session

This is perfect if you have never practiced yoga or have been away from yoga for awhile. You can explore poses, ask questions, and go at your own pace with individualized instruction.

This type of instruction does not include a Home Plan of Care.

Session can be 60 minutes ($80), 75 minutes ($105), or 90 minutes ($145). 

Warrior Two
Laughing Yoga

Group Yoga Class

If you'd like to experience yoga in a group, studio setting, the therapeutic yoga class at Karma Yoga is perfect!

This class has a limited enrollment to allow for individualized attention. You'll find lots of props and customized poses. We make yoga fun and accessible.

Every Tuesday from 10:30 to 11:45 am ET.

Create an account and register at Karma Yoga.

Please note-this link will take you to the Karma Yoga Website. If you would like to find out if this class would be appropriate for you, use the Contact button in the menu.

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