I started practicing yoga when I was pregnant with my first child, nearly 30 years ago. At the time, I also ran marathons. It wasn’t until I had suffered repeated injuries to my knees and back that I gave up running and turned my full attention to yoga. I received my 200-hour teacher training certificate in 2012. I went on to earn certifications in yoga for depression, Yoga for Arthritis, and most recently, a master’s in yoga therapy and my 500-hour teacher training certification.


My passion is teaching seniors. I taught my first senior chair yoga class in 2012 and have been teaching this type of yoga ever since. Yoga can help improve strength and balance, which are essential factors for fall prevention.


Yoga helped me regain the ability to walk without pain, in spite of back injuries. The key was finding the right yoga for me. All yoga is not right for all people. Now, I have a yoga practice that strengthens my weaker muscles, stretches my tighter muscles, and includes meditation and pranayama (breath exercises). As a result, I am stronger, calmer, and virtually pain-free.