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Dana Halkowski


Dana, a certified yoga therapist, has a master of science in yoga therapy from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin.


She is an adjunct faculty member, and clinic supervisor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, owner/operator of Yoga Stretch and Move, LLC, and founder of the Yoga Therapists of Northern Virginia.


Dana has a 500-hour yoga teacher certification from Yoga Alliance and certificates in LifeForce Yoga (Yoga for Depression), Somatic Movement, and Yoga for Arthritis.


She is an ambassador for Yoga for Arthritis and Accessible Yoga; two organizations committed to making yoga a practice everyone can enjoy. 

Dana also has a YouTube channel where you can access how-to videos and full-length classes.




"I have degenerative osteoarthritis and have had four joint replacements.  My classes with Dana have significantly reduced my symptoms - I can open jars again, my balance has greatly improved and I have less pain and more flexibility." SC                     



"... Dana is very knowledgable, and is able to adapt the program to my needs. She is always prepared and encouraging and she makes the session interesting with varied material. She is able to communicate and is always very professional. After each session she provides me with written notes. She often includes pictures and additional resource material. The sessions combine strength training and the principles of yoga to improve mobility and balance and promote good emotional health. I would recommend Dana to anyone who is interested in gaining strength and increasing personal health and well being.

"Dana is a knowledge and compassionate therapist, who readily shares her wealth of experience."

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