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Dana Halkowski, C-IAYT, MBA, MS

Dana, a certified yoga therapist, is a clinic supervisor at the Maryland University of Integrative Health Natural Care Clinic, and owner/operator of Yoga Stretch and Move, LLC. Dana has been practicing yoga for nearly 30 years and teaching yoga for almost a decade.

In 2019, Dana completed a master of science degree in yoga therapy from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and 500-hour yoga teaching certification. She has also completed training in LifeForce Yoga, Somatic Movement, and Yoga for Arthritis.

Dana has taught a wide variety of yoga since 2012, including power, vinyasa, chair, and adaptive yoga for seniors. She is an ambassador for Yoga for Arthritis and Accessible Yoga; two organizations committed to making yoga a practice everyone can enjoy. 

After a bike accident in 2010, yoga helped her regain the ability to walk without pain. The key was using all the tools of yoga to heal. Now, she has a yoga practice that strengthens her weaker muscles, stretches her tighter muscles, and includes meditation, pranayama (breath exercises), and self-reflection. As a result, she is healthier, calmer, and virtually pain-free.​

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